SWAN creates events and opportunities for suburban women to dig deeper into systems of oppression that create marginalization. SWAN values creating events that are safe for everyone to explore the complex and personal nature of these topics in a loving, accepting and compassionate environment.

These events include:
Book club - SWAN selects a book that highlights a particular community or issue to discuss at these bi-monthly events. There is no pressure to finish the book (or even to read it!) in order to attend. The discussions are open, honest, and mutually respectful.

Salons - SWAN hosts facilitated, bi-monthly discussion groups. The purpose of the salons is to gather people together to talk about topics that typically considered too controversial. The solutions to these issues often means those in power might have to share that power with those who are marginalized, which can be uncomfortable to discuss. Topics include exploring white privilege, criminal justice, the cost of universal healthcare, housing the homeless,

Field trips

Educational Trainings

Movie nights