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Book Club: White Fragility Part 2

Join us as we discuss part 2 of “White Fragility; Why it's so hard for white people to talk about racism" by Robin DiAngelo. 

At this book club we will discuss the following:

Chapter 4 How Does Race Shape the Lives of White People?

Identify at least 3 ways that white racial belonging has been conveyed to you. (You might might start by opening your wallet and looking at the bills there).

Chapter 6 Anti-Blackness

Author states the the film The Blind Side is "insidiously anti-black" Using the framework of the book, explain how a viewer can not notice the ant-black messages yet still be shaped by them.

Chapter 10 Rules of Engagement

Cardinal Rules pp.123-124 

Language of Critique

Provide an example of the rules in action

What assumptions do these rules rest on?

Chapter 12 Where do we go from here?
The author states that it isn't enough for white people to be nice and that, in fact,  racism depends on white people simply being nice. Discuss this statement. How does niceness alone uphold racial status quo?

Using an antiracist framework how would you respond to a white person who said, "You just want me to feel bad and guilty about something that I had nothing to do with?

Discuss the suggestions for continuing the work of antiracism. Which is the most challenging? How do we meet those challenges?

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