At Suburban Women’s Advocacy Network (SWAN) our mission is to inspire, support and mobilize suburban women towards political activism and social advocacy for the rights of marginalized communities and the issues related to them. Through on-line discussions and in-person interactions, SWAN creates a community of activism for suburban women to feel comfortable and confident in taking part in the social justice movement.

The SWAN Facebook group is where day-to-day activism happens. SWAN leaders moderate the group and post the #dailyfeed. This #dailyfeed post is designed to be just enough information for suburban women to feel inspired to take action, instead of feeling overwhelmed. Other SWAN members are welcome to post articles, quotes, or questions for discussion. Lively conversations take place every day on SWAN Facebook pages. 

SWAN takes the online forum into the real world through a monthly forum. The forum allows members to feel supported and to gain a deeper understanding about marginalized communities. Often times the local forums will host an exert to speak on forum topic. The focus of the forum changes quarterly. In 2017, the quarterly focuses are women, immigrants, Muslims, and the un/under insured. 

Mobilizing SWAN members to attend rallies, protests, and marches is a key component to our mission. It's important for suburban women to show up for and stand in solidarity with marginalized communities. SWAN leaders select and promote local actions and make attending those actions easy. SWAN members meet locally to carpool/caravan to events and march alongside each other. Knowing you will see a fellow SWAN sister at a protest or rally makes it much easier to show up. 

SWAN Founders & Executive Directors are Darlynn Childress and Danielle Walsmith. We would love to help you in your advocacy journey. Join a SWAN chapter near you. Or start one in your suburban community. We'll help you. Learn more here