SWAN hosts a monthly forum highlighting a specific quarterly topic. SWAN forums include community speakers, in depth discussions and calls to action. Forums are held at Create Studio in Westlake Village.

Upcoming Forums

January 23 7pm Part I Criminal Justice Reform. The US has over two million people incarcerated, the highest rate in the world. Join us as we begin our new quarterly focus on criminal justice reform, including the juvenile justice system, racial & ethnic disparities in prisons, cash bail reform and more.

Past Forums

November 14 7pm to 8:30pm Part III of our quarterly focus on white privilege & systemic racism. Discuss includes understanding allyship and learning strategies/actions we can take in our own lives.

October 17 9am to 10:30am Part II of our quarterly focus on White Privilege as we explore the historical elements that have led to systemic white supremacy - from the GI Bill, to redlining communities, to the rise of mass incarceration. Learn and discuss together in an open, non-judgmental space about the policies and forces that have led to where we are today.

September 19 7pm to 8:30pm What does white privilege mean? Are we guilty of it? Does that mean we're racist? What does it mean to be white in the Conejo Valley, where almost everyone is white? There are so many questions and so much to learn about what our privilege means and how we can use it to support marginalized communities. An open, honest, female-only, non-judgmental, guided round table conversation about white privilege and systemic white supremacy. The subject can be uncomfortable, but the discussion doesn't need to be. We'll check our judgements at the door and learn together with open minds and open hearts.

August 29 9am to 10:30am. Continuing our quarterly focus on healthcare, SWAN will host Deborah Madden. Debbie is an attorney and healthcare reform advocate who will present an overview of the US healthcare system, which lays out the case for how Medicare For All would save lives and dollars. She will also discuss some of the proposed bipartisan ACA fixes that will be taken up by the Senate health committee in September

July 18 7pm to 8:30pm  LINDA PARKS, Ventura County supervisor, along with a local health care manager, Adriana Gonzalez, discussed the options available for the un/under insured in Ventura County.

May 16 7pm to 8:30 on Immigration with Vanessa Teran from MICOP; serving the Mexican indigenous population in Ventura County.

April 18 9am to 10:30am with Maricela Morales on Immigrant Rights

March 21 7pm to 8:30pm with Torie Osborn on LA County Women + Girls Initiative

February 21 9am to 10:30am with Julie Mickelberry on Defending Planned Parenthood

January 17 7pm to 8:30pm on Women's Rights and Local Action

December 15 9am to 10:30 on Launching a Grassroots Organization

SWAN Forum at Create Studio - March, 2017 (Photo by Aimee Porter)

SWAN Forum at Create Studio - March, 2017 (Photo by Aimee Porter)